Can money be transferred from paypal to bank account

I setup a direct checking account with which is the US subsidiary of royal bank canada.Able to successfully transfer funds from Paypal to RBC after that.I was waiting for the CAD to drop lower before transferring my USD balance to CAD, then a friend of mine suggested I try this.

Is PayPal Safe? Tips for Buyers and Sellers - The Balance

Paypal automatically recognizes accounts that come from Canada and as a result will by default convert the money to CAD instead of keeping it as USD.

Why was money automatically transferred from my bank

Literally just tried right now and I was able to transfer funds back to my RBC US High Interest account.I did try the method, and I got the account linked, I got the two deposits, and I have now transferred my money.

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So, I made a small deposit and tried again to link to PayPal.I have Paypal US$ account and was wondering if I can somehow transfer my US$ into CIBC US$ account?. I transfer money to my bank account all the time,.

I had success with this when I wrote this and I would say half of the others have been successful.I deleted my bank account and tried to open a new bank account with Pay Pal following the instructions on your website.I talked to one of their rep, Whitney, and told her that I wanted to speak with a tech specialist (one of the steps).

Last week a friendly rep of Paypal advised the same to use the US routing number.I used that plus my checking account following the instructions in this article and it worked within 2 days.With 003, it says deposits where sent, but I dont see them in my bank account.I have linked my account with the method mentioned above with 003.I am using a Canadian business paypal account with a RBC US Business deposit account.We then transferred the USD from our Pay Pal account to our RBC USD account successfully. The 6.6% Pay Pal took from the whole transaction seems excessive.Did you put bank code between your transit number and account number like xxxxx003xxxxx.On Dec 28, 2015, we attempted to transfer from your bank account ending in x-xx94.

Today, (April 14, 2016) I re-entered the same information (routing number, transit and account number without spaces), the only difference was, I did not enter the 003.I am able to set up my RBC USD e-saving account with paypal and transfer USD to my RBC account successfully.If you want CAD, you can get better preferred rates at banks or currency exchange shops.Trying too many times in a row puts a limitation on your account.I did this specifically with the high interest savings account.

The PayPal Debit Card PayPal offers a debit card in conjunction with MasterCard.

As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.I am set up with a numbered corporation and I would assume that as long as only business income is being deposited in that account it will satisfy the account and Revenue Canada.

Thanks for this post, took me two tries to link the RBC account but entering the transit number and then bank account was what worked for me.Tried adding it again using same procedure as described here.The company specifies the amount of credit available to each Smart Connect approved member upon approving individuals for the program.I managed to hook it up to my paypal account with minimal issue.Paypal told me that I am living in Canada, so they must convert to Canadial dollar even if I have a USD account.

How Do I Deposit Money from My PayPal Account into My Bank

At first, this was really meant to be for other travel bloggers that face the same issues but looks like there are way more people that need help with this.

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