FenderLender: Hotmetal, I am naturally a low risk type of guy, but dont have the funds to go slow.Deviancy: Xoblort, yes for last 6 days waiting for some answers.Xoblort: Nordman, content is everything, developers develope.wait.OPHI: BTC cant even process transactions and its valued at 1300 wtf.CashCow: NEM could be the number 6 crypto currency before tomorrow.Painatal: InTheCorner, dude xrp is a coin. you dont aply vc to a coin.Bitcoinmillion1: TradolfBitler, no school is the best sxhool.sxhool steals all the best daylight hours.Xoblort: POLO TIP: You can check out the fee structure from the link at the bottom of the page or you can use this link.

Xoblort: shrenikshah4u, Looks like it is still getting confirmations, Appreciate the patience.americapinoy.com receives about 29 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 7,599,622 in the world. Find more data about americapinoy.

Xoblort: cryptofaucetuser, Please keep your eye on the Notices below this Trollbox for any information on this.Xoblort: anakinisme, For verification types please go to the My Profile page under Settings.Dizzer: polo is drunk delisting 17 coins and breaking the market gg.CryptoAndCoffee: WiseGoat, look at history and look at the 1st world countries today like America, England Australia all based on Christian principles.

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AwakenedChain: wbe4ever, around for the ETF day tell me tell me.Xoblort: avelasconazaretti, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.Olhado: odds are like a random btc address popping up multiplied by a few lol.Bigolas: POLO TIP: Check out the TrollBox Options and Legend in the upper right of the TrollBox window.WataMalon: Hipnotic, ripplenipple, have no idea, everyone noticed about the gap of btc prices since yesterday, I smell something wrong around there.

Painatal: drc10101, I know but you cant really regulate btc, so they will end up using xrp.Romx L>e eleãione Hcnrici Polonix Reg, fcc. Decifion. Lugd Genevx Colleã. DD. loc. Cone. Trident. Lugd I(^57. foi. Valliíoleti Colleã. DD. in Jus Pontif.Xoblort: tokatalove999, Lets please not start that spam, Thank you.Fubar: popsicle, dont do it like my 5years old son - he standin 2m away and try it in standing.

Finnrey: Bigolas, lmao thank you, notice original star wars 1997 star wars release poster in background.

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PokerManiac: Bigolas, so i just recently deposited again 2 hours ago, its showing as double spend with no confirmations either.BuyLowGetHigh: erimyhre, I guess that after the round table meeting they will all signal and the BS is finally over with.Painatal: no but if the company and what the company produce are in the right path the product(xrp) will folow the success of the company that created.CryptoCrawler: Xoblort, I am no way associated with anything or anyone else, i give you my word.Lawful: bobdoe, The IRS has plans to collect taxes after nuclear apocolypse.L4rge1ntheMarg1n: concavity, I doubt many who started with as little as I did have done as well as I have with crypto.Anamta: Bigolas: thanks however i already have checked this option but i do not see the option to add funds using Payeer.

Bigolas: iwarwick, Support are under a very heavy load at the moment, due to a massive increase in New Users.Your withdrawal is awaiting approval it will be processed automatically soon.BuyLowGetHigh: dedcrypto, click on a blue name and ask again.TheMrCharles: oskar.andreas.berg, zclassic will fork into zencash and zclassic. no real sense in listing either until we know whats up with both.1883 07 1. prin ma- rimea parochielor, care numera mai multe sate la un loc; 2). ad Regnum Polonix,.

Pharrisee1: concavity, and even tho quick wins are possible, so are quick losses.Desanto: cbanshee, coinmarketcap says btc is 1230, polo says 1315.Anondran: once Finex enables deposits, there will be vomit again.She broke her wishbone and wished for a sign I told her whispers in my heart were fine What did she think she could.Banhammer: Champ111 and alpha13 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.

Search the history of over 308 billion web pages on the Internet.Xoblort: teznix, Appreciate the patience. we absolutely try to meet that time frame but in times of excessive volume these issue may happen.

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